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Purposeful Life

We are all here for a purpose. We are here for a reason and until we discover what it is, we will just be influenced by the things around us.

Here at, we want you to discover your God-given purpose so all your actions and decisions today will help you live a meaningful retirement life.


5 Things You Need to Check Before 

Making This Life-Changing Decision

Welcome to If you are aspiring to live a purposeful life, you will love this little space of mine. 

On this site, we intend to post articles that inspire people like you to make the right decisions now as it would affect the way you will live in the future.

I am a retired mom, who has 30+ years of experience in the corporate world, a firm believer of the word of God and has a sincere desire to help people prepare for retirement so that when the time comes, they can freely live life with meaning and purpose.

Life is great!  I pray that you will live it to the fullest.

Your companion,


The Retired Momma