If you are STRUGGLING IN YOUR WORK and would like to RETIRE IN COMFORT 10 to 15 years from now, then you should be reading in this book RIGHT NOW.

Dear Friend,

My name is Roma Jazmin.  I am a JOYFULLY RETIRED PERSON at 54 years of age.

How did I do that? 

Well, when I was about 40+ years old, I was doing great in my job, I loved what I am doing but it felt like I was too busy and it is somehow taking me away from my family and church. 

I would wake up at 5am to prepare for work, travel 1.5 to 2 hours (sometimes 3 hours) to work, work the whole day then travel back home (another 1.5 to 3 hours).  

By the time I get home, my kids have eaten and I only have practically 1 to 2 hours to bond with them before they sleep.  After they have slept, I would again switch on my laptop and work.  

This was practically my schedule whenever my husband and I were not serving in our church in the evening.

That went on for maybe 20+ years or so.  I didn’t notice how time passed by so quickly because I was too busy. 

I was struggling with myself if I still wanted to continue working. But I didn't have a choice back then.  

I believe we all struggle at some point in our life in this area.  But we all have different purposes at different stages of our lives.

As a student, we are to study well and gain knowledge.  As a young parent, we are to nurture and provide for our family. As we grow older, we start to desire for a deeper purpose.  I felt that mine was to have more time to serve family, community and God. 

How about you?  At what stage of life are you in now?  Do you want to be in that same situation until the last years of your life in this world? What is your heart’s desire for your future?

I thought to myself, as soon as I am able to save money for our kids’ education and have started a business of my own, I will retire and use the remaining decades of my life for a higher purpose.

That is when I started to plan and maximize our savings and investments.  I started to read hundreds of articles, books, blogs, listened to audio files, attended seminars and workshops and talked to people who were in a similar situation as me.  

You can never undermine the richness of learnings from all these, plus the 50+ years of experience throughout my life.

I have picked-up so many valuable mindsets during these years and I feel that I should be sharing these to the people who may be too busy and are forgetting that there is a future ahead.  A future we should prepare and look forward to.

In this book…


How to live in Comfort

10 to 15 Years from Now

you will discover the WHYs, WHATs and HOWs of PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT.

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If you READ THIS NOW, you will definitely decide to STOP LOSING PRECIOUS TIME and START your way to LIVING A PURPOSEFUL LIFE AHEAD. 

I can assure you that you will:

- Have a clearer vision of your future

- Have peace of mind

- Free up time to live your life's purpose

- Have the drive to start preparing NOW

- Gain knowledge on HOW TO prepare financially, emotionally and physically.

This book is different from other books because the mindsets that you will learn here were inspired and are supported by scriptures.

It is not just me.  It is what the Bible says as well.

Here is a sneak preview of what you are getting:

- Why People are Not Preparing for Retirement (page 8)

- Retirement Myths You Should Know About (page 28)

- Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (page 36)

- How to Prepare Financially (page 46)

- How to Prepare Emotionally (page 58)

- How to Prepare Physically (page 62)

- What Not to Do After Retirement (page 65)

- Retirement Investment Platforms (page 70)

- Side-Line Business You Can Start Even Prior to Retirement (page 72) 

Yes, it's FULL PACKED and it's EASY TO READ.


We have added, not just ONE but THREE BONUSES!

BONUS #1. Worksheet "Estimating Annual Expenses Upon Retirement" will help you figure out how much you are currently spending on a monthly basis and project the budget you would most likely need upon retirement.

BONUS #2.   Worksheet "Retirement Calculator" will help you estimate how much savings you will have upon retirement and how many years this savings will last.

BONUS #3. One hour online consultation with the author (Roma, the Retired Momma) in case you have questions/ clarifications about the e-book or the worksheets. 

So, are you ready to prepare for a comfortable, relaxed and purposeful life ahead?

This is a one-time investment you will not regret.

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Many who have read this e-book said they were glad they did.

But don’t take our word for it.  Look what others are saying…

This e-book is coming out at a most opportune time. The era of the baby boomers soon to be leaving the corporate world have made us realize the importance of being prepared to face our ultimate career and more importantly how to enjoy life to the max. 

And how can we live our lives to the fullest? This book provides the answer.  It gives a simple guide to enjoy the journey purposely, one step at a time . As a great take away from the readings...Let us remember that the choices we make today will have a cumulative effect on all of our tomorrows!

Venie Geronimo

Freelance HR Specialist and

Org Devt Consultant

Caloocan, Philippines

This is a good tell-all from someone who has been there and done that.  I could vouch for your authority in explaining the pitfalls and suggested solutions on the subject and how to reverse seemingly hopeless situations in our lives.

I've learned more by reading your e-book and can't wait for your next project.

Thank you for writing this e-book which can really assist those considering an alternative, more so in this pandemic time.

Rose Marie L. Buitizon

School Nurse

Pasig City, Philippines

This book is an easy, simple read that provides straightforward information on the basic things to consider if one is contemplating about retirement.  It not only covers the financial aspect but delves more closely on one's mental, psychological and physical preparedness before taking the retirement plunge.  A helpful resource not only for those who are about to retire but for anyone who wants to make the most out of their hardwork, be it in the corporate or business setting.

Pam Mabagos


Quezon City, Philippines